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What my clients are saying  

Brenda is our Cousin! She's a very nice person! Very energetic and detail oriented. We called on Brenda and in a weeks time we had flown to Florida, Purchased and CLOSED! If you want to get anything done and right CALL ON BRENDA!


~ Nate & Mallory/CHICAGO

I met Brenda a couple of years ago while surfing the net for Properties which triggered an Agent alert. Brenda has constantly sent listings, updated my request from one coast to the next but she really has tried to help us find what we wanted. You were so gracious to allow us to stay in your Home during our Visit to see Homes in the area. We settled on OUR MUST HAVE and can't thank you enough for all your help Brenda! THANK YOU.


~ Rick & Wanda/MISSOURI

I met Brenda while she was decorating Alameda's Condo. It was only a Rental (Which she doesn't do). She did it for her I thought! WELL SHE DID it for me as well. Brenda have a Big Heart! She has a Heart for Seniors EVEN THOUGH I don't think that I am one. LOL!! She Set up Movers, Packed and Moved me out and into a Rental just near where I was. I am so happy with my new space! Thank you Brenda! You're a Friend.


~ Johnnye B/Florida

Brenda had a listing that the Seller wanted to Rent for a Short time while we check out the area. From Start to Finish she held our hand. We'll definitely Purchase our Home from Brenda very soon.


~ Russ & Caroline/OHIO

Oh my God, I don't know what I would have done without Brenda! She's like all over the place! At the time that I met her she had been introduced to me by a Friend whose like a Brother to me from Maryland also that was Snowbirding in Fort Myers at her Home! I bought a Home right across the Street from her In Gateway because it was in walking distance to the Golf Course, it was such a great price and I loved it! She's a Beautiful person that I call a Friend! She's a hovering person like I am and I can't thank her enough!


~ James & Susan/Maryland

I Love Brenda so much! Nobody does this much work for you! Not like this! She came in, She and her Significant Other two days before CHRISTMAS. They picked me up at my Hotel in Fort Myers and took me around to see Homes! I chose one that I absolutely loved. I Closed in March during this awful Pandemic. She is still holding my hand because so many things went wrong. She picked me up constantly from the Airport and Drops me off. God has blessed me to have found her. How I found out about her: I was on a flight to Fort Myers and a Woman on the Flight gave me her card. Thank you for being a Friend, may the Lord's Blessings ALWAYS SHINE UPON YOU.


~ Esther/TEXAS

Brenda is HIGH ENERGY! I was being called upon to assist my Brother in Florida and was delighted to do but wasn't sure how to go about it. Well, manage it she did! I received an offer within days. It was months before I could get to Florida. Get this! She packed up my Home, had it Cleaned, Set Up Movers, and one last thing PICKED ME UP FROM THE AIRPORT and took me straight to my new Home. I'm not quite finished with that because I left out that she had to Shop for me, THAT'S RIGHT! From Grocery, Furniture throughout. I told her I'd like exotic plants, she DROVE TO SARASOTA MARIE SELBY'S BOTANICAL GARDENS and handpicked my Exotic Plants, Pots and Displayed them throughout my New Residence. I had a Budget, she stayed within my budget and UNBELIEVABLE PERSON, I can't thank her enough! We are friends for life! You know when you are moving to an area and don't have anyone to call upon you Need Brenda! Hands down I couldn't have done any of this without her! THANK YOU


~ Alameda/OHIO

I found Brenda's Listing for SNOWBIRD RENTAL and I Loved it but I wanted to be sure that it looked the way the Pictures did. I flew in town just to see it. I Rented it on the Spot. I was so impressed with her. I forgot my phone and had a Golf Appointment. She jumped right in and escorted me to the entrance of where I was going to. I WAS SOLD. This will be my 2nd year going to her Property. I will be Purchasing my Florida Home from her as well. THE BEST REALTOR IN ALL OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA is what her Voicemail says SHE IS RIGHT! See you soon!



Brenda is thorough! A Very hands on Realtor. From Start to finish she kept me updated with what was going on. The Builder had delay after delay but we got through it. Thank you for your Professionalism and encouragement through a very trying process.



We met Brenda while Home Shopping. I new that we wanted to Build our next Home. We had a Growing Family and the ideal schools in the area made it a great choice for us. The Process was long to say the least. The Builder, never mind but Brenda kept us up to date and a lot of tedious work on her part. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSTANT UPDATES AND STAYING ON TOP OF IT ALL. We love our Home! Thank you!



I've known Brenda's family all my life so I knew she had a lot of energy like me. I had been praying for someone to really get me what I wanted in a Home and not waste time! When I flew into RSW Brenda was right there. GET THIS! My Timeshare was on the other side of Alligator Alley about 2 hours Away. I stayed in her Home for 2 weeks while we looked for Homes. I found a New Construction and Closed within three Months by Docusign. If you want to get it done and feel like you got a Deal ONLY DEAL WITH BRENDA!



Brenda was great to work with! She was in Michigan visiting her Mom who was gravely ill. She suggested referring us to one of the Agents in her Office but we only wanted to work with her. Since the Sale we have had to call upon her to check in on our Home. We keep in touch with her because she is a genuine person and a pleasure to have worked with.


~ James & Dawn/MICHIGAN

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